Evaporator M 3100 C


Evaporator series M 3100 C is designed to heat liquid chlorine taken from storage containers and turn it to chlorine gas.

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Evaporator series M 3100 C is designed to heat liquid chlorine taken from storage containers and turn it to chlorine gas.

Modification of the traditional evaporator design is a result of growing demand for lower operation and maintenance cost and for higher heating efficiency. Evaporator series M 3100 C is especially suitable for installations where large quantities of gas are required directly from gas drums. Evaporation is achieved mainly by electric heating.

The unit consists of regulation, control and safety devices as well as the separate control panel. All parts except the control panel are built-in the fibreglass reinforced polyester cabinet.


The spiral tube is immersed into a hot water bath of 70°C. Thermostat-regulated heating creates a constant temperature. In case of temperature drop (below 60°C) or temperature rise (above 80°C), the alarm is activated. The liquid gas under pressure enters the evaporator on the top part, where it evaporates in the progressive heating zone and then leaves it as a dry saturated gas, also on the top part. In order to protect the installations (up to the pressure reducing valve) from re-liquefaction of the gas, the evaporator is designed generously, considering the gas outlet temperature. In liquid side of the system, the bursting disk with connected expansion chamber ensures that the highest admissible operating pressure is not exceeded. This chamber is dimensioned in a way that transforms the overpressure after the bursting of the bursting disc to  normal operating pressure. On the gas side, a pressure relief valve must be installed after a bursting disc and outlet must be connected to the neutralization device. A contact manometer indicates too high or too low gas pressure. Water level in a thermal bath is strictly monitored and water must be refilled if the level drops under the prescribed level. All exposed parts are made of materials or material combination which are absolutely resistant to the media that needs to be evaporated, and which are proven to resist many years of use.

Gas Type

“C” – Cl2

Capacity in kg/h

up to 50
up to 100
up to 150
up to 200
*higher capacities on request

Technical Data

Evaporator capacity
30 - 200kg/h
Power suppy
400V, 50-60Hz
9kW - 18kW
Operating pressure
max 16 bar
max 8 bar
test pressure
20 bar
Construction weight
cca 450kg
Operating 70C, max 80C, min 60C


Inlet Gas
DN15 NP40
Outlet Gas
DN20 NP40
Inlet Water
Outlet Water
*other connections on request


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