Projects founded from RS and EU



The “HidroSmart” project receives EU co-funding

Through the HidroSmart project, we will develop a product that will be able to innovatively implement a targeted watering system with the optimal amount of water, in real time and on heterogeneous agricultural land, tailored to different types of plants and different growth phases.

The product represents a radical breakthrough in the field of water management in agricultural areas. Current solutions use up to 70% too much water and at the same time up to 30% more fertiliser (due to leaching). Sub-optimal watering also contributes to increased groundwater pollution, so our solution will make a major contribution to the transition to a circular economy, including pollution prevention and control, and to tackling the effects of climate change through technological innovation and an innovative service delivery process.


The total value of the project is € 497.000,00.

The project is funded by the NextGenerationEU mechanism. ( )

The amount of funding is EUR 298,246.00.