Swimming pool water treatment

Municipal swimming pools, hotels and tourist resorts, water parks

The system allows remote monitoring, for control and service diagnostics.

  • dosing of chemicals (gas chlorine, liquid chlorine, pH correctors, flocculants)
  • measurement and regulation equipment for chlorine, pH, Redox, temperature and flow control
  • filtration
  • monitoring and control of the complete system by remote SCADA automation system
  • Safety technology for chlorine handling (chlorine gas leak detector,…)

Controlmatik ABW has successfully automated a large number of swimming pool systems in hotels and local (municipal) systems, and major thermal spas. The modern swimming pool system consists of equipment that is connected by control technology, in order to enable effective management and control.

Pool water is treated with different filtration systems, measurement and regulation systems for measuring and regulation of pool parameters, and dosing systems. All the swimming pool system information is displayed in the SCADA graphic, with the possibility of connecting to the web and set alerts to cell phones.

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