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The modern swimming pool system consists of equipment that is connected by control technology, in order to enable effective management and control.

Pool water is treated with different filtration systems, measurement and regulation systems for measuring and regulation of pool parameters, and dosing systems. 

All the swimming pool system information is displayed in the SCADA graphic, with the possibility of connecting to the web and set alerts to cell phones. 

The system allows remote monitoring, for control and service diagnostics.

Controlmatik ABW has successfully automated a large number of swimming pool systems in hotels and local (municipal) systems, and major thermal spas. 

Pictures: Ptuj spa resort & water park, Thermal Spa resort Dolenjske Toplice , Hotel Larix.


The desire of operators of swimming pool systems is automation and the complete overview of the pool equipment and its functions:

  • Water fill up and water heating
  • Filter washing
  • Neutralisation of wastewater
  • Dosing of chemicals
  • Control of chemicals in the warehouse or in the pool equipment room – safety
  • Measuring and recording the pool parameters and regulation of these parameters
  • Operation of hydro-air massage


The solution of the problem is automation of the complete swimming pool system, enabled by modern measuring, regulation and control equipment designed by Controlmatik ABW.

Measurement of pool parameters

  • Free chlorine
  • pH
  • Redox potential (ORP)
  • Water temperature

Measurement is performed by Compact swimming pool measurement & regulation unit

All data from each pool parameter measurement is connected to the PLC control system and further to SCADA control system. Data can be transmitted via 4-20mA current loops or via digital communication CAN.

For optimal control and quick system response, it is important to sample directly from the pool. In case of long sample lines, we provide quick sample with additional sample pump.

Dosing is carried out by Motor driven rate valves for chlorine gas or CO2 and by Metering Pumps.

Dosing of Chemicals

  • Gaseous chlorine
  • Liquid chlorine
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Ph correctors (liquid or gas CO2)
  • Flocculants for better filtration

Control of motor valves for dosing gases or metering pumps for dosing chemicals, can be carried out in two ways:

  • from the central controller, which receives data from individual measuring sensors
  • from measuring sensors, with output to built in PID regulator; output can be pulse or analog, and in the latest version of motor valves also as digital communication-ModBus

The chlorine station safety equipment

  • Chlorine gas Cylinders
  • Chlorine gas neutralisation system

Every chlorine station is provided with a Chlorine gas detection sensor, that detects and indicates chlorine concentrations in the air, and additionally with Neutralisation system, a device that neutralises chlorine gas in case of uncontrolled gas leakage.

Alarm about leakage is transferred to the SCADA control system, and also to operators personal telephone and a fire station.

Switchboards and control cabinets with

  • Synoptic schematics
  • Switch and control technology (PLC)

The core of the pool equipment room is electro control cabinet, which is powering the following equipment: Filter pumps, ejector pumps for vacuum, pressure compressor, metering pumps for pH and flocculant, pumps for water and air massages, pump station, pool lights, switchboard and control panel, measuring and regulation equipment, pneumatic and electric actuators.

Automatic operation mode allows automatic filtering of pool water, automatic filter washing, activation of hydro and air massage on the selected schedule, regulation of pool parameters, water heating and filling up when necessary, and neutralistion of wastewater.

In addition to automatic operation, the system can also be controlled manually, in case of failure on the controller.

The controller program carries out automatic control of the pool system and allows the user to control it via SCADA graphic system. The controller is connected to the OPC server on the PC, transferring the data to the SCADA graphics or vice versa.

SCADA control system allows:

  • Monitoring and control of the pool equipment
  • Recording and history of pool parameters
  • Recording and history of Alarms
  • Alerting the user to his mobile phone
  • Web access to the system


  • Centralized control of all individual system components. Larger systems with several pool equipment rooms, which are connected to one centralized control system, represent great savings in time for operators.
  • Setting hydro-air massage on schedule contributes to saving electricity.
  • Washing filters automatically saves time; the presence of the operator is not necessary in each washing process.
  • Alert via mobile phone provides greater security and, in case of certain failures, possibility of quick response/solution.
  • Web access to the system is an additional control from a remote location.

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