About us

Controlmatik ABW has been working in the Water Industry for more than 30 years. We started as a small company in Slovenia and within a few years became leaders in the market of the former Yugoslavia. Today we have clients and partners in more than 40 countries all over the world.

We manufacture dosing equipment for water disinfection through chlorination, devices for measurement, regulation and control of different parameters in water, and safety equipment for the detection and neutralization of toxic gases in the air, as well as engineering solutions for drinking water, swimming pools and process water in industry.

Our goal

Our goal is to guarantee best water quality, developing innovative cost-effective products and solutions with high efficiency and minimal impact on the environment.

Our mission

Water is one of the basic elements of life and it is our responsibility to take care of it and maintain it in a clean state. With our products we want to provide the highest water quality.

Innovative work on complex solutions in the water industry

Controlmatik ABW has been working in the Water Industry since 1979 and our equipment is present on various continents. Controlmatik ABW products have been applied efficiently in a number of projects and in various applications

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Our team

Anže Boben

CEO & Sales (international)

Ali Arh

Sales (international)

Matej Verdnik

Sales (national)

Vesna Boben


Branka Trdina

Production Coordinator

Robert Konc


Slavko Komatar

Technical Supp

Mojca Orešnik

Finance & Administration

Tomaž Volf


Damjan Jeglič

Service director

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