Chlorine dioxide Analyser series M 1056 C


Measuring range: 0 – 1 mg/l

  • 3 measuring electrodes platinum/platinum + reference electrode 
  • Continuous measuring: chlorine dioxide
  • Measuring range for concentrations up to 500 ug/l
  • Stable measurement— open flow measurement cell with a constant flow
  • Continuous cleaning of measuring electrodes by stepper motor


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Chlorine dioxide analyser series M 1056 C is designed for measurement and control of drinking water, wastewater treatment and swimming-pool applications. 

Two basic measured parameters are chlorine dioxide and temperature.


The unit enables the construction of additional expansion modules, for measuring the pH value and the redox potential (for drinking and waste water).

Amperometric measurement method using two electrodes and an additional third reference electrode provides constant and continuous measurements.

The unit consists of the following subassemblies:

· a mechanical filter sample

· an indicator of the flow of the sample

· self-cleaning measuring cell

· measurement – regulation electronics

· cover

The user interface for parameterization and calibration is performed via graphical LCD display.

Control, regulation and control of disinfection processes are enabled by analog and digital outputs and the CANbus digital communication. The control module supports the connection of actuators – dosing pump with analog and digital inputs as well as solenoid and motorized valves – for two-point and continuous dosing.

Software design of the control module contains a number of protective mechanisms against overdosing.


Ambient temperature
Relative humidity
10...95 % non-condensating
minimum 0,5 l/min
Control unit protection
IP 65
0,2 kg
670 x 322 x 113


Measuring range (M.R.)
0 - 1 mg/l
Measuring principle: (amperometric):
Platinum-platinum electrodes and third reference electrode
Measured value resolution
0,001 mg/l
Deviation of indication, measured value
maximum 2% of M.R.
pH range
Water conductivity
> 50µS
Automatic temperature compensation range

Electrical data

Supply voltage
24 VAC/VDC ±20%
5 W maximum
Isolation voltage
500V (to analogue part)

Current output connector

2 (galvanic separated)
Current range
4...20 mA
maximum 800 E at 24VDC
Output range
adjustable to (MR)
Output Mode options
Free chlorine signal output, Temperature, Regulator output
Regulator connector
3 point switch or PI regulator
3 x 24 VAC / 250 mA
3 x 24 VAC
Mode options
Motor Control, Pump Control


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