Compact unit for water filtration and disinfection


  • Assembled in a portable container
  • Perfect solution for small water treatment plants
  • Disinfection before or after filtering
  • Water free of germs and odour
  • Automatic high performance filter
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Compact unit for water filtration and disinfection is a system made of very well proofed components. When water leaves the unit is free from germs, odourless and naturally tasting.

The unit consists of:

  • dosing pumps for flocculation and disinfection
  • automatic high performance filter and 
  • all the necessary mounting and piping materials 

It is assembled in a portable container, which is placed in the area of water reservoir. 

Operation principle

The medium for flock build up is dosed to water in the inlet part of the device. Water then passes through the filter, where it is filtered according to technological procedure. 

The filter is filled with three layers of sand of different granulation (filling of the filter depends on technological procedure and water quality analysis) and with a layer of hydro-anthracite. Disinfection can be made after filtering (in case water goes to the reservoir) or before filtering (in case water goes directly to the consumer).

Capacity of filtering can be enlarged by combining more filters together.  

  • Filtration speed for drinking water must be less than 20 m3/h/m2  
  • Cleaning of the filter is full automatic, according to the time settings (24h – 7days)
  • Flow capacities: Small – Q = 0,7 – 3,0 m3/h


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